If you’ve used Open Source Apache Lucene/Solr search, you have likely seen first hand how you can achieve better, faster results with greater flexibility, at lower cost, for your search applications. As it turns out, it’s not just you.

Recent research conducted by Aberdeen Group show that a broad cross-section of organizations building search applications can cut their costs in half—not only in lower software license fees, but with meaningful savings in hardware costs, external and internal support costs. Now, you can tell people that studies show you were right: open source enterprise search overturns the traditional economics of software, opening up projects that were not previously viable.You can get full details when you sign up for the webcast, scheduled next Thursday, 19 May. It features Aberdeen’s Business Intelligence Analyst, David White, who conducted the research.

Open Source: Changing the Economics of Search

May 19, 2011 at 1:00 PM EDT | 10:00 AM PDT | 5:00 PM GMT

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Interesting findings include:

  • Reductions in internal support costs accounted for over 40% of the cost savings;
  • Open source search delivered improved application effectiveness, delivering the most relevant results 23% more often than commercial alternatives;
  • Constant indexing of new content is twice as common with open source search than with commercial search applications.

More on this in today’s press release.

Some other research, conducted at the same time as Aberdeen, but independent of it, that you might want to check out  is now available through TechValidate, a customer research agency we worked. Survey participants here also report significant cost savings. These inputs are particularly useful as you’re looking for some good soundbites to bolster the conversation you have as you educate people you work with about the benefits of Lucene/Solr.

Surveys are an imperfect measure, what with the limits of sampling and aggregation. That said, the respondents have offered input that can give you a real sense of the experience behind the data, what people have said about working with this technology. Want to see how working with Lucene/Solr and Lucid Imagination helped big enterprise companies, perhaps like yours? Or how it’s helped big Aerospace/Defense companies? Or get a sense of what motivated people to choose Lucene/Solr for their search apps to begin with? This collection can help with that. You can also see some case studies of companies across sizes and industries have succeeded with Lucene, Solr and open source technology.