This week, we began our countdown to the Lucene/Solr Revolution event in San Diego with a daily blog series, and just yesterday we began posting short bios of some of our featured speakers. Today, we continue with the focus on speakers but take a look at some of the people behind the Deep Dives and tutorial sessions, where community members can learn from peers. As we said yesterday, Revolution enables the community to go both wide and deep. With the Deep Dives, they can explore the meaning and impact of some of the more important topics and trends in open source search and big data.

Here’s one big topic:  language support.  Christian Moen and Gaute Lambertsen, both software engineers at Atlika, a Japanese corporation providing innovative products and services within search, natural language processing and big data to leading businesses worldwide will present Language support and linguistics in Lucene/Solr and its eco-system.  In the Deep Dive they’ll address the role that language handling plays in the overall search experience. Specifically, the session will look at the functionality of language handling and linguistics in Lucene/Solr and best-practices in Western, Asian and multi-language deployments.  With 13+ years experience with search across a range of industries, Christian brings a unique set of skills and insights to the event. Gaute is an accomplished software developer and researcher, having conducted research in mobile and ubiquitous computing at Ritsumeikan University, the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and Nokia Research Center.

With the recent growth of the global Lucene/Solr community, we believe this talk will serve as one of the more foundational learning sessions for the 21st century search professional.  For a preview, here’s a video from last year’s event where Christian talks about Japanese linguistics in Lucene/Solr:

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Another hot topic: the GUI. Troy D. Thomas, a senior manager at Synopsys and co-presenter Koorosh Vakhshoori Software Architect at Synopsys – a global leader in electronic design automation and semiconductor IP – will present a session entitled, “Make Your GUI Shine with AJAX-Solr”. They’ll address how one can more easily and elegantly implement widgets like faceting, auto-complete, spellchecker and pagination. AJAX-Solr is a JavaScript library that uses the Solr REST-like API to display search results in an interactive user interface. As a product and web development manager at Synopsys, Troy is responsible for SolvNet, the web-based support database solution used by the company’s customer base. He is passionate believer in open source and “democratizing information,” and blogs on those topics at Recommended “reading”: Troy spoke recently at a San Francisco Bay Lucene/Solr meetup, where he discussed the benefits and challenges of upgrading to Apache Lucene/Solr 4.
Koorosh, often tapped as the “in house” search expert at Synopsys, will pull from his 15 years of experience both leading and developing Enterprise Web applications and can share insights from his team’s roll out of second generation search based on Solr.

More of our tutorial experts are below. Check out our agenda to learn more about their sessions.

Stephane Gamard
Chief Technology Officer, Searchbox

Gregg Donovan
Senior Software Engineer,

Brian Benz
Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.

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