There’s no better place to see innovation ignite than Lucene/Solr Revolution. Lucene/Solr is capable of turning the trickiest, most elusive search challenges into insights and innovations. Our speakers are as diverse as the many uses of Apache Lucene/Solr, yet they all have one thing in common: they’re changing the world through creative uses of the world’s most relied upon open source search.

As you know, we are using this blog as a countdown to the Revolution Event.  Today’s spotlight looks at two innovators in their respective realms.  Stay tuned …we will be going deeper into speakers, subjects, and industry themes.

Roberto Masiero is responsible for ADP’s Innovation Lab where new technologies are researched and new products are developed and incubated. Some recent projects are Mobile applications, Semantic Search, Big Data and Behavioral Intelligence. At this year’s Revolution, he’ll cover ADP’s Semantic Search in the Cloud initiative, from the use cases to the design to support semantic searches on a vast set of data, to crawling data from hundreds of data sources.

Another search pioneer, David Smiley, is a lead software engineer at MITRE and has been involved with the Lucene / Solr projects for some time. He was recently made a committer for his contributions and involvement. David  is largely responsible for a Lucene 4 innovation: a new spatial module. David will explain how at the heart of this module is an approach in which spatial geometries are indexed using edge-ngram tokenized geohashes searched with a prefix-tree/trie recursive algorithm. It sounds cool and it is! You’ll will see how it works, why it’s fast, and what new things you can do with it.

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