Every day, the amount of data and documents available to your market gets bigger and more diverse, and much of it could be yours. Whoever gets the right data to your customers and end users first – wins. You need to understand how your organization can use search, and what new business and markets search can open up for you.

Thousands of organizations around the world, including AT&T, Sears, Ford, Verizon, The Guardian, Elsevier, Cisco, Macy’s and more have found their solution: Lucene/Solr open source, the world’s most popular search technology. Our new white paper “A Manager’s Guide to Real World Open Source Search Applications” provides numerous case studies across various industries and business models to show how real-world businesses have turned Lucene/Solr open source search into competitive advantage.

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  • Learn to identify opportunities and define requirements to harness search to your business goals
  • See who has used Lucene/Solr open source search to grow business and keep customers coming back
  • Read how Apache Lucene/Solr delivers results across content resources and business models