It’s obvious to everyone that it takes more than bricks and mortar to build a skyscraper. A vast web of people and technologies work in synergy to turn raw materials into complex and useful structures. The same principle applies to data. Data has become the raw material from which companies can extract powerful insights and build new markets, businesses, ways of approaching and solving problems. But the data alone can’t build itself into insights. A myriad of technologies and a myriad of people are needed to shape it. Lucene/Solr Revolution gathers all of the above in a veritable think tank – where experts and enterprise search technologies all improve through the simple act of sharing and collaborating.

A recent McKinsey write up and series of videos emphasizes different facets of this human element necessary to help data reach its full potential. Matt Ariker, of McKinsey’s Consumer Marketing Analytics Center #McKAnalytics, focuses in one of the videos on “the human element: the skills needed; how to organize and integrate new capabilities, people, and roles; and the mind-set and behavioral changes organizations must make to become data driven.” Whether it’s the developers who create ingenious applications or executives who lead by example and embrace data-driven concepts, people are the engines that power innovation.

Today’s post builds on earlier posts to celebrate those people. Our speakers at Lucene/Solr Revolution are the pioneers who contribute their knowledge and experience to the ongoing quest to find news uses for, and glean greater insights from, the world’s data. We’ll put the spotlight on more of our experts in coming days.

Implementing a Custom Search Syntax using Solr, Lucene & Parboiled

John Berryman

Search Architect, OpenSource Connections

CMS Integration of Apache Solr – How we did it.

Ingo Renner

Software Engineer, Infield Design

Next Generation Electronic Medical Records & Search: A Test Implementation in Radiology

David Piraino, M.D.

Chief Imaging Information Officer, Imaging Institute Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Clinic


Daniel Palmer, Ph.D

Professor of Computer Science, John Carroll University in Northeast Ohio

Internalizing location services with GeoNames

John Marc Imbrescia
Senior Software Engineer,

Building a Near Real-time Search Engine & Analytics for logs using Solr

Rahul Jain

System Analyst (Software Engineer), IVY Comptech Pvt Ltd

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