Consider these points: Jobs related to big data ranked high among the top IT skills on hiring executives’ wish lists for 2013. Open source and enterprise search job skills continue to be in demand, as we covered in earlier posts. But the skills necessary to wow employers and create amazing applications in these intersecting areas aren’t skills you’re born with. As Enterprise Search Blog reports, “One of the hallmarks of enterprise software in general is that it is complex. People in large organizations who manage instances of enterprise search as no less likely than their non-technical peers to believe that ‘if Google can make search so good on the internet, enterprise search must be trivial’ “ All of you in the Lucene/Solr community know that that myth couldn’t be further from the truth. It takes smart, skilled people like you to turn tools and technologies into market-moving applications.

This year’s trainings at Lucene/Solr Revolution are just what you need to build – or master – unparalleled skills in this crucial technology. Expert trainers Evan Sayer, Yann Yu, Joel Bernstein, Jason Hellman, Ken Krugler and Kelvin Tan will share some of the tools and tips to make even the most advanced aspects of Lucene/Solr easy to grasp and use so you can immediately put the most cutting edge search enabled applications to work for your organizations. With our accomplished instructors and your boundless creativity, we’re certain this year’s training sessions will spark the next generation of killer apps capable of doing what’s never been done before, closing competitive gaps and making the impossible possible.

If you haven’t already registered for this year’s training sessions April 29 and 30, hurry to sign up. Space is nearly gone.  We’ll see you there!
Solr Unleashed (A Hands-On Workshop for Building Killer Search Apps)
Solr Under the Hood (Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Solr)
Big Data and Solr (Using Solr with Big Data)

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