I had the honor and pleasure of being invited to speak at Überconf last week in the Denver, CO area. Überconf The annual conference is organized by Jay Zimmerman of No Fluff, Just Stuff fame. Überconf has the same top-notch quality, at a grander scale – 10 concurrent tracks (woah!), full day pre-conference trainings (mobile, anyone?), food (full breakfast! that’s a REAL hearty bonus!), and many of the best technical presenters in the industry. Lucene/Solr earned a full day “track” at Überconf.

One full day was dedicated to my three Solr presentations, one being a double-session “workshop”. I began the day presenting “Rapid Prototyping with Solr”, demonstrating several quick dataset ingestion up to usable search user interface examples. Is Solr right for your data and your environment? Try it and see – it’ll be 15 minutes well spent! 🙂

Here are the slides for “Rapid Prototyping with Solr”:

My next talk, titled “Solr Recipes”, was a 3 hour workshop covering the common ways to get data into Solr, configure it, and leverage it within applications.

Here are the “Solr Recipes” slides:

And finally, to a few hardcore folks, I discussed “Lucene for Solr Developers”, which more broadly covered the various ways to extend Solr. One cool example (or so I think, at least) I built for this talk that I’ve put out there as food for thought is “auto-faceting”, having a way for Solr to determine the best facets to select for a given query. See SOLR-2641 for my initial proof-of-concept implementation.

Here are the “Lucene for Solr Developers” slides:

There was so much going on that I barely got to tap into the conference experience myself, with the best part being the conversations had during meals, and between and during the scheduled talks. I was able to reconnect with many long-time friends that I’ve made through No Fluff, Just Stuff, and made many new acquaintances – I won’t name names, as this list covers most of them.

Thank you, Überconf, Jay, and fellow speakers and attendees for a stellar technical event. If you missed it, don’t despair, No Fluff, Just Stuff brings many of the same speakers and topics to an area near you. I’ll be speaking at a few NFJS events during the second half of this year, including Raleigh, NC, Boston, MA, and, surely to rival the quality and size of Überconf, The Rich Web Experience in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Let’s talk.