As you may know, Ixxus, the Platinum partner for Alfresco open source enterprise content management in the UK, has recently joined the Lucid Imagination Partner’s program.

The drive to open source in content management is part of a broader trend. More and more organizations are taking ownership of their own destiny when it comes to achieving competitive advantage with their own content. As the set of commercial vendors in content management consolidates, forward-thinking organizations are resisting the rigid, pre-defined development paths and costly handcuffs of proprietary content management systems. A viable, open source platform for both ECM and Search can truly future proof an organization — or, as they call it in the UK, an organisation. The combination of Ixxus and Lucid Imagination combines Alfresco Open Source Enterprise Content Management and Lucene/Solr Open Source Enterprise Search in a commercially supported architecture — the platform for that future proofing.

Future proofing is not just about protecting one’s technology investment per se; it’s also about preserving flexibility of adapting business processes and the technology that implements them. Today more than ever, the only constant is change — and it is a unique attribute of open source that it support more flexibility than proprietary solutions, both owing to its community provenance and the transparency of the code. Working with a transparent, flexible technology platform ensures that your organization can build technology for competitive advantage — rather than being chained to ‘me-too’ implementations dictated by commercial vendors that cost more and differentiate less.

To inaugurate our collaboration, Ixxus is sponsoring a webcast, An Introduction to Solr, featuring Lucene/Solr PMC Chair and Lucid Imagination Co-Founder Grant Ingersoll. You’re welcome to attend, or to extend an invitation to your friends in United Kingdom to join.

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