We’re pleased to announce that our own Erik Hatcher has now published a valuable new resource for Solr/Lucene: “Understanding Lucene: Powering Better Search Results“. Using the popular, compact 6-page Refcard format, Erik condenses the essentials of understanding the leading open source search technology into an accessible quick reference guide that will be useful to newbies and experts alike:

Apache Lucene is the open source, cross-platform, high-performance, full-text search engine library; used in conjunction with Apache Solr, it becomes a world-class search platform. Solr includes a number of other features like faceting and a rich function query/sort capability. This Refcard will give you a foundational knowledge of Lucene’s features from the inverted index structure on up and it will look at some usage examples with Solr as the front-end.

The refcard is free through DZone, and sponsored by Lucid Imagination. Download it today!