Understanding Lucene Performance
with Andrzej Bialecki

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Thursday, September 3rd 2009

In case you missed the workshop, you can download the slides:

Experienced Java developers know how to use the Apache Lucene library to build powerful search applications natively in Java. Open source LucidGaze for Lucene from Lucid Imagination provides a powerful utility for making transparent the underlying search operations, and analyzing their impact on search performance

<>  Understanding sources of variability in Lucene search performance
<>  LucidGaze for Lucene APIs for performance statistics
<>  Applying LucidGaze for Lucene performance statistics to real-world performance problems

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About the presenter:
Andrzej Bialecki, Lucene/Nutch/Hadoop Committer and Lucene PMC Member, is on the Lucid Imagination Technical Advisory Board. He has broad expertise, across domains as diverse as information retrieval, systems architecture, embedded systems kernels, metro-networking and business process/e-commerce modeling. He’s also the author of the popular Luke index inspection utility. Andrzej holds a master’s degree in Electronics from Warsaw Technical University, speaks four languages and programs in many, many more.