SocialThe rapidly expanding influence of social media on commerce presents tremendous opportunity for online companies of all scope and sizes to harness customer interactions for competitive advantage — if your customers can cut through the overabundant dialog to zero in on just what they’re looking for.

Bazaar VoiceBazaarvoice, the leading supplier of online social commerce solutions, turned to Apache Solr/Lucene open source search to put versatility, scalability, and cost-effective innovation at the heart of their social-to-revenue strategy.

Lucid Imagination invites you to hear from Bazaarvoice’s RC Johnson for an in depth technical presentation. RC will discuss how Bazaarvoice systematically built out with Solr to index and search millions online customer conversations that deliver billions of monthly impressions for leading companies in retail, manufacturing, financial services, health care, travel and media.

Key topics this webcast will cover include:

  • Iterative expansion of search features and content collections
  • Migrating from simplistic database search to Solr-based search
  • Integrating statistical analytics into search at scale
  • Considering NoSQL for scalability and deployability of big data, to make data easier to consume across applications

See RC Johnson and Lucid Imagination’s
Grant Ingersoll present on NoSQL and Solr/Lucene
at South by Southwest
in Austin March 13!