Few search features have contributed as much to findability and user search experience as Facets. By organizing and classifying underlying information into an intuitive method for filtering information, faceted searching gives users a powerful tool for navigation and discovery.

Once the province of costly proprietary commercial systems, the Faceted Searching capabilities of the Apache Solr Open Source Search have led developers around the world to build this popular feature into their search apps. Yet many of its more powerful features are not as widely known and used, and offer yet more powerful improvements to the search experience.

Join Apache Lucene/Solr committer Chris Hostetter of Lucid Imagination for an in depth technical workshop on the what, why and how of faceting with Solr, the Lucene Search Server. This presentation will cover:

  • the different types of facets that Solr supports
  • techniques for dealing with complex faceting use cases
  • performance factors to be aware of
  • new faceting features on the horizon

See video on Faceted Search here.

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