If this is not your first visit to the Lucid Imagination blog or website, you’ve probably noticed some differences.

After our first two and a half years, we’ve put together a major refresh of our company website. Our previous website design was showing its age; like an untended garden or a fast-growing metropolis undone by lax urban planning, it had grown cluttered and quirky, and not in a good way. Our new design set forth three objectives.

  1. Upgrade the visual craftsmanship: a richer, more nuanced palette of colors, tighter visuals, streamlined menu and navigation objects should make it easier on the eye and the mouse.
  2. Create a more directed information architecture: Where stuff goes is as exactly as important as how stuff looks. Together they are intended to reward the time you spend on the site with quicker arrival at your intended destination
  3. Keep good content in useful places: people visit our website for different reasons, and what you find at your destination should satisfy those reasons. Whether you want some software, some technical information, or find out how buy from us, the information you find should be direct and to the point. The URLs are simpler, too.

To that end, you’ll find sections in the site on:

  • Products Software you can get from us to build killer search apps with Lucene/Solr
  • Services How we can help you and your organization ensure your Lucene/Solr search apps deliver better, faster, more scalable search
  • Why Lucid Discussions of the value of working with Lucid and Lucene/Solr technologies
  • DevZone The centerpiece of our new site design put key resources for he people who build search applications — newbies and experts alike — in a clear, well-organized structure. You’ll find technical articles, information about our conferences, reference materials, and more, easily navigable from the menu.
  • Blog As the second most popular part of our site, it’s changed almost the least. News and how-to’s in one convenient spot.
  • Downloads Get software and get started
  • About Just the basics about who we are
  • Search No change here yet; still the most useful place to search both our resources and key Apache projects. Watch this space.

There are many things left undone in our new site; its structure and presentation will make it easier for us to put it together for you. If there’s something you’ve seen, or not seen, that you want to tell us about, you can do that here.

We look forward to seeing your traffic and hearing from your feedback.