Online auction house eBay launched a series of classified advertising websites in six different countries. With a staggering number of 130 million users around the world, it give us an idea of the enormity of the market it caters to. Among all of their markets, Germany’s eBay Kleinanzeigen (part of the international eBay Classifieds Group) proved to be the most successful.

What makes this market a hit? You don’t have to look too far for answers. DZone interviewed  eBay Kleinanzeigen’s, Olaf Zschiedrich to learn about how they did it:

With millions of users, eBay Kleinanzeigen required an excellent search functionality, which enabled users to explore inventory in multiple ways. Solr provided them with key features like  free text search, auto-suggestions, find similar items as well as non-functional requirements like performance, scalability and easy application integration.With a quick turn around time, the site was up in 4 months.

Olaf Zschiedrich talks about this success stories at Lucene Revolution.

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