solrYesterday’s announcement of the release of Solr 3.4 brings with it a host of welcome improvements that make search-related applications more powerful, faster, and easier to build. We’ve put together a new
Programmer’s Guide to Open Source Search Search: What’s New in Apache Solr / Lucene 3.4 with details on what this new release holds for you, both in terms of what’s under the hood, new usability and user experience features, as well as new search capabilities:

This paper covers innovations including:

  • New search capabilities  such as query support, function queries, analysis,  input and output formats.
  • Performance improvements such as index segment management and distributed support for spellchecking.
  • New search application development options such as better range faceting and a new Velocity-driven search UI, plus spatial search and using Apache UIMA.
  • What to expect in Solr 4

Click here to download the white paper.

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