I’ve gotten quite a few inquiries during the last month from people interested in the sources of Lucidworks Certified Distribution for Solr. I’m happy to see our Certified Distribution generating so much interest in the community; more than a  few large companies are developing with it and using the certified distribution in order as the foundation of their search applications. I’d love to see even more companies adopting the certified distribution for their needs.

The sources you asked for? Here you go:

1. When installing the Certified Distribution, make sure that the sources package checkbox is selected on the “Packages” screen (see first screenshot below).

2. Select the checkbox for the Sources Hotfix plugin (see the second screenshot).

3. The hotfix will download a sources zip file to you installation directory; unzip it into the installation directory in order to see all of the sources.

4. If you had already installed the certified distribution, there is no need to uninstall it! Just re-run the installer, and make sure that both sources package options described above are selected.