AOL - uses Lucene/Solr
is using Solr to power its channels.
Apple - uses Lucene/Solr
is using Solr.
Buy - uses Lucene/Solr’s
international sites are powered by Solr.
Cisco - uses Lucene/Solr
Cisco uses Solr at the core for social network search platform.
Cheap-tickets uses Lucene/Solr
uses solr for faceted search.
Chegg - uses Lucene/Solr
uses Solr for their site search feature for services.
Chowhound - uses Lucene/Solr

ChowHound uses Solr for its search facility.

CitySearch - uses Lucene/SolrCitySearch uses Solr for all searches on the site.
Cnet - Lucene/Solr
use Solr for product search and faceted browsing.
Comcast - lucene/solr
uses Solr to power site search and faceted navigation.
Disney - lucene/solr
Disney uses Solr to power
Ebay - lucene/solr
uses Solr to power the search for it’s German Classified sites.
eharmony - lucene/solr
uses Solr for its search features.
Etrade - lucene/solr
Etrade uses Solr for its
website featuring Solr powered search and faceted navigation.
Gamespot - Lucene/Solr

Gamespot uses Solr for its search features.


Goldmansachs uses Solr for its search features.

Homeland Security Digital Libray - uses Lucene/Solr
The Homeland Security Digital Library use Solr for product search and faceted browsing
JobSeeker - Lucene/Solr
has its search engine powered by Solr 3.5.
Ingram_Micro Lucene/Solr
Ingram Micro
is a job search engine powered by Solr 3.5.
Instagram - uses Lucene/Solr
a Facebook company, uses Solr to power it’s geo-search API.
Archive - uses Lucene/Solr
is an opensource digital archive that uses Solr for all of its collections (audio/video/books) search, along with PHP and
J. Craig Venter Institute
uses Solr for high-performance comparative metagenomics.
Jobville - uses Lucene/Solr

Job Ville uses Solr for searching/faceting job offers crawled from various job posting sites in Italy.

Macmall - lucene/Solr

MacMall uses Solr for search and faceted browsing.

MTv - Lucene/Solr
uses Solr to power search on a number of its websites.
Nasa - Lucene/Solr
is using Solr as the Enterprise Search component in its NEBULA cloud computing platform.
Netflix - Lucene/Solr
uses Solr for their site search feature.
Panasonic - Lucene/Solr
Panasonic Europe
uses Solr to power the search and faceted navigation on it’s sites for 30 countries.
Reddit - Lucene/Solr
Reddit uses Solr for search.
Sears - Lucene/Solr
uses Solr for search, auto-suggest, and faceted navigation.
Stub-hub Lucene/Solr

Stubhub an eBay company, uses Solr for Browsing and Searching tickets.

Guardian - Lucene/Solr

Guardian News uses Solr to power it’s Open Platform.

Ticket Master - Lucene/Solr

TicketMaster is Solr powered, handing search, browsing, alerts, partner feeds.

Whitehouse - Lucene/Solr

Whitehouse uses Solr via Drupal for site search w/highlighting & faceting.

Zappos - Lucene/Solr
Zappos uses Solr & SolrJ for their search and navigation across 150,000 styles of shoes and other products.
Yankee Group - Lucene/Solr

Yankee Group uses Solr to create a search and browse experience.

EMC - Lucene/SolrEMC is using Solr
is using Solr.
Boeing - Lucene/SolrBoeing is using Solr.
HP - Lucene/SolrHP is using Solr.
Intuit - Lucene/Solr

Intuit is using Solr.

Salesforce - Lucene/Solr

Salesforce is using Solr.

Ford - Lucene/Solr

Ford is using Solr.

Smithsonean - Lucene/Solr

Smithsonian is using Solr as cross catalog faceted search.

Qualcomm - Lucene/Solr

Qualcomm is using Solr.

is using Solr.
Verizon - Lucene/Solr

Verizon is using Solr.

Motley Fool - Lucene/SolrMotley Fool uses Solr for its search feature.
shopzilla - Lucene/Solr

Shopzilla is using Solr.

The Getty Lucene/Solr

The Getty is using Solr.

Fender - Lucene/Solr

Fender is using Solr.

PTC - Lucene/Solr

PTC is using Solr.

Advanced Auto Parts - Lucene/Solr

Advanced Auto Parts uses Solr for their search.

Information - Builder Lucene/Solr

Information Builder is using Solr.

Iron Mountain - Lucene/Solr

Iron Mountain is using Solr.

The Street - Lucene/Solr

The Street is using Solr.

Raytheon - Lucene/Solr

Raytheon is using Solr.

Sensis - Lucene/Solr

Sensis is using Solr.

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