How to Create an Amazon-Like Experience with Fusion

Beat the top ecommerce sites with better search

Create an Amazon like experience with Lucidworks FusionThe massive global success of Amazon can be tied to how the company employs search. Yes, of course, customers love free shipping, liberal return policies, and competitive prices.

But first and foremost, customers know when they go to they’ll find exactly what they are looking for. Every part of is a big search UI powered by a powerful, scalable back end with several key features. You too can have these capabilities using the Lucidworks Fusion suite of products.

This ebook takes you from the top search box to the bottom footer of the Amazon experience and shows you how to replicate their most popular features with our Lucidworks Fusion platform.

GSA Advantage now provides over 44 million products and services online from over 20 thousand vendors. Our users expect the accuracy of Google and the ease-of-use of Amazon. We've seen very positive results within just the first few months of our implementation. Lucidworks gave us great support and expertise needed to migrate our systems from IDOL to Solr in under 90 days, inside a pretty complex infrastructure. - Keith Machen, Ecommerce Division Director