Fusion + Tableau

Get the most out of the popular BI & analytics platform with Lucidworks Fusion

Your team needs more of those “aha!” moments quicker and with a higher degree of confidence.

Our Fusion 3 platform is specifically designed to produce fast, actionable insights – ensuring you get a higher ROI out of your big data stack and can make the case for continued investment in BI talent and systems.

Our complimentary report, Search with Tableau, highlights some of these compelling benefits:

  • Why an ever-increasing number of Tableau users are recognizing search as the ultimate source for “self-serve” BI for a faster, more flexible query and indexing engine.
  • How our Fusion 3 platform provides a large number of data connectors and sophisticated ETL tools that enrich Tableau’s ability to analyze and report on complex data types.
  • When to use Fusion’s built-in machine learning features for clustering, classification, and recommendations which Tableau can leverage for more advanced data reporting and exploration.