Fusion + Apache Solr

Built on The Gold Standard of Search

How Lucidworks Fusion makes Solr Easy

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Data Infrastructure Platform that allowed you to use Open Source Solr, but made getting Solr up and running easy? What if it allowed you and your developers to speed up your project delivery times and also made maintenance a breeze?

With Fusion you can get started in minutes and if you still need the flexibility to customize features to your liking, we are built on top of Solr, so you can get directly into the code and update as you see fit.

Advanced Solr Capabilities, Simplified Implementation
Advanced Analysis & Monitoring – Fusion makes allows you to monitor information in real-time — giving you the agility to make informed decisions in an instant.
Connectors – We have connectors ranging from Cloudera to Slack and pretty much everything in between so connecting to data sources is a snap. Just point and click.
Faceting Made Simple – Just tell Fusion what field you want to facet on and wa-la! It’s like magic!
Plug into an existing Solr index – Leverage Fusion to easily develop and maintain on an existing Solr instance.
Support – Wouldn’t it be great if you had experts you could lean on during tough times? Fusion comes with support. So you don’t have to worry about taking on challenges on your own.


Lucidworks Fusion is essential to our search strategy. The platform provides the enterprise capabilities we need to quickly build and deploy apps, while still taking full advantage of the power of Solr. - Sacha Clark | CEO and Founder Mulsanne Management LTD