Redwood City, CA – October 17, 2011 – Open Source Search has helped solve some of the world’s most complex search problems, but LucidWorks [formerly Lucid Imagination], the commercial company for Apache Lucene and Solr search technology, doesn’t want to stop there. The company recently unveiled LucidWorks 2.0, the industry’s most advanced open source platform for accelerating and simplifying development of highly accurate, scalable and cost-effective search applications. Software development companies worldwide have already begun using the platform to help end users tackle daunting search content and data problems, as will be discussed this week at Apache Lucene Eurocon, the largest open source search conference in Europe. This growing adoption signals a new wave of applications powered by open source search, a more flexible, cost effective way to uncover insights and actionable intelligence from the growing volume and variety of data challenging enterprises around the world.

A few such companies that have endorsed LucidWorks 2.0 and extended its functionality in the spirit of open source contribution include:

  • DdadIT (Jordan)
  • SHI (Germany)
  • Springsense (Australia)
  • Uchida Spectrum (Japan)

The LucidWorks 2.0 platform delivers full open source Apache Lucene/Solr community innovation in an enterprise-ready package, with support from the world’s leading experts in open source search. An extensible platform architected for developers, it is the only Solr distribution that provides security and pre-built connectors for essential enterprise data sources, along with dramatic ease of use advantages in a well-tested, integrated and documented package.

Uchida Spectrum

Uchida Spectrum is building a search-based application called SMART/InSight G2 Open. It consists of the SMART/InSight G2 application and LucidWorks. Using SMART/InSight G2 Open and Uchida Spectrum services, enterprise customers can better tap a diversity of data, which can often be fragmented by IT infrastructure or corporate organizational issues.

With this application, users can process all types of data, including unstructured data containing personalized graphics or charts, for example. The LucidWorks platform provides scalability and flexibility, and combined with Uchida Spectrum products and services, enables users to analyze product quality and business trends.

It will be available in Q4, 2011.


Thanks to the new LucidWorks Open Connector Framework, SHI will deliver connectors for the integration of LucidWorks 2.0 with Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes, and CMIS-capable repositories such as Alfresco ECM and Documentum. These connectors help businesses extract valuable business insights from data stored in such systems. The Exchange connector will be available by the end of 2011 and Lotus Notes/CMIS connectors will be available in early 2012.


DdadIT is incorporating an Arabic Linguistic Package into LucidWorks that provides more advanced Arabic morphological functionality. The main benefit of this integration is the ability to relate different inflected Arabic words into one concept so that Arabic documents can be indexed and searched. DdadIT plans to make the LucidWorks integration available within the next month.


SpringSense is a search relevancy booster that integrates with LucidWorks 2.0 to deliver enterprises meaning-based search—a more effective and intuitive search experience that allows users to search by meaning rather than relying solely on keywords. Consider the following example: “conflict over the price of gas” and “battle over the cost of fuel” should yield the same results as the intended meaning is the same; existing search technologies return different results.

Because SpringSense integrates easily with LucidWorks 2.0, enterprises can reap all the benefits of meaning-based search at minimal cost to their organization. SpringSense’s ability to operate in linear time is what allows it to integrate into the indexing and querying pipelines without degrading performance.

SpringSense is available now to integrate with LucidWorks 2.0

Quotes and Resources

“As our core search technology, LucidWorks 2.0 allows us to create search-based applications that bring powerful next generation data management models to our customers. We replaced a commercial search engine with LucidWorks, and have seen 10 times better price/performance and can now deliver more value to our customers.”

– Rahul Agarwalla, head of international business, Uchida Spectrum Inc.


“With a raft of new features, LucidWorks 2.0 offers organizations an even more cutting-edge search application with all the benefits of a commercial grade open source platform. SpringSense is planning to further extend the benefits of this outstanding, cost-effective solution by integrating its meaning recognition engine so that enterprises can boost their search from a keyword solution to full meaning based search.”

– Tal Rotbart, founder, SpringSense


“With powerful tools for configuration, deployment, content acquisition, security and search experience, LucidWorks lets users transform their unending stream of data and content into scalable, versatile, actionable information. Our plan is to extend LucidWorks by offering an Arabic linguistic component, which will provide Arabic speaking users better access to this comprehensive search platform.”


– Dr. Daoud Daoud, DdadIT


“LucidWorks Enterprise has been, and remains, an excellent choice for industry-grade search applications. Among the striking new features that make it even easier to leverage LucidWorks across the enterprise, we found the LucidWorks Open Connector Framework to be especially remarkable because it opens the door to multiple data sources that required costly, proprietary connectors for indexing. That means it’s extremely easy for our customers to uncover valuable trends from any of their data sources.”


– Peter Spiske, managing director, SHI


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