“If I just take a step back and look at global trends, we see the Asian market driving a lot of innovation. And it’s an interesting market because it isn’t typically defined as a first mover. Historically, a company would take the same playbook from North America, with repeatable and referenceable examples, to Asia and start telling its story. But in areas like digital commerce and mobile engagement, Asia has surpassed and adapted so much quicker than North America.

With our excitement around the innovation in Asia, we’re bringing the combination of what we’re doing around machine learning and AI to the region. This isn’t a science experiment or pie in the sky. This is about ensuring that a customer who visits a website engages with a company and maximises the value of that visit.”

Full article https://www.computerweekly.com/news/252457760/LucidWorks-CEO-talks-up-data-experiences