“A Sept. 12 press release said that the technology provided by Lucidworks, a company that helps build search-driven solutions, will help Igloo customers searching for content, in their workspace hub, at a faster and more accurate pace ‘by finding correlations across human, machine, and application generated data in real-time and at scale.’

The platform will be part of Igloo’s digital workplace platform, a software-as-a-service, which is delivered as an intranet solution to improve workplace productivity and engagement.

Igloo’s intranet platform is also expanding globally and has introduced a way to organize intranet hubs for large firms that have regional offices and central headquarters that need to be connected.

Igloo’s clients range from small-to-medium sized businesses to large enterprises comprising of 100,000 employees. Latendre explained at an interview after the keynote that Igloo’s ‘sweet spot’ is catering client experiences at companies that have one to 5,000 employees.”

Full article https://www.itbusiness.ca/news/igloo-software-launches-new-products-at-ice-conference/105107