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SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Jun 9, 2015) – Lucidworks, the chosen search solution for leading brands and companies around the world, released Fusion 1.4. Fusion, Lucidworks’ flagship product, gives employees at all levels of an organization access to a streamlined, consumer-like search experience with enterprise-grade speed, scalability, flexibility and reliability. Since its initial release in September 2014, Fusion has been continuously upgraded to allow businesses to synthesize enormous data repositories into actionable insights simply and quicker than ever before.

“Our aim is to make Fusion the most powerful and intuitive enterprise search product on the market. We’re constantly tweaking the product to improve the user experience, making the platform available across new mediums and really doing everything we can to reach developers worldwide,” said Will Hayes, CEO of Lucidworks. “With the latest security integrations, new alerting framework and the addition of Spark for streaming analytics, deploying Fusion is easier for all developers.”

With improved security, performance, manageability and usability, this Fusion 1.4 update marks Lucidworks’ significant progress in achieving its product-focused mission. Foundational work in progress will be central to future Fusion releases. Fusion 1.4 additional features include:

Apache Spark: Fusion includes Apache Spark and the ability to use Spark to run complex analytic processes. For now, the Fusion event aggregations and signals extractions can run in Spark for faster processing.

Solr 5.x: Official support for running Fusion against Solr 5.x clusters.

Added Security: Fusion is now a Kerberos-protected service and we’ve enriched the LDAP directory integration that authenticates users and performs document-level security trimming. We can now additionally determine the user’s LDAP group memberships and use those memberships to assign them to Fusion roles.

Alerting: New system for notifications when different conditions/criteria/keywords show up in the data. Users can send customized emails or Slack messages in response to documents passing through the indexing and query pipelines.

Lucidworks Fusion helps companies work smarter by delivering the tools required to build search apps that transform enormous repositories of data into mission-critical, personalized decisions every day. Features include:

  • Modular Integrations: Current Apache Solr users can overlay the Fusion platform on their existing Solr configuration.
  • Big Data Discovery Engine: Prepares and enriches data, adding features such as language identification and analysis, geospatial processing and synonym identification.
  • Connector Frameworks: Fusion connects, imports and indexes data from systems including JIRA, Slack, Solr indexes, JavaScript and Logstash enabling code to be written more flexibly.
  • Signal Processing: Harnesses machine learning to transform clicks, social, device, geo and other signals into a contextually relevant data experience.
  • Advanced Analytics: Deeply integrated analytics and dashboards make understanding and modifying users’ search experience intuitive and flexible.
  • Natural Language Search: Delivers full text search that simplifies discovery for users at any level of an organization.

Lucidworks is the commercial sponsor of Lucene/Solr, one of the largest open source projects in the world. The company employs some of the foremost Solr experts in the world and has contributed 70 percent of the project’s code, helping to improve and shape the direction of the most popular search software solution. Companies like Sears, Verizon, ADP, Raytheon, Qualcomm, Ford, MapR, eHarmony and Cisco, among others, rely on Lucidworks to power search inside their organizations. For more information, visit

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