SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – May 10, 2017) – Lucidworks, the leader in enterprise search solutions, today announced its acquisition of Twigkit, a software company specializing in user experiences for enterprise-grade search and big data applications. The acquisition is an important step towards Lucidworks’ mission to deliver purpose-built user-driven data applications that give end-users a single access point to aggregated search results. Twigkit founders, Stefan Olafsson and Dr. Bjarki Holm, will continue to drive the enterprise search space — Olafsson joining as Lucidworks’ new Chief Strategy Officer and Holm as VP of Solutions.
Enterprises struggle with how best to glean value from the massive amounts of data they manage. Lucidworks provides these companies with search tools to accurately and quickly access data from multiple sources. Both Lucidworks and Twigkit simplify the development of search applications by offering platforms with ready-to-use capabilities that can be quickly deployed and easily managed. Twigkit’s focus goes one step further, taking mined data and delivering it in user-driven applications with a true 360° view of an organization at any time, on any device.

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