LucidWorks and ISYS Partner to Accelerate Enterprise Adoption of Open Source Lucene/Solr

Strategic Partnership to Address Enterprise Need to Search Unstructured Content and Documents in Multiple Formats

San Mateo, Calif. – June 30, 2009 – LucidWorks, a commercial company dedicated to supporting open source Apache Lucene and Solr search technologies, and ISYS Search Software, a global supplier of information access and discovery solutions for mining intelligence and corporate knowledge, today announced a strategic partnership. The agreement enables LucidWorks to provide enterprise-class solutions that combine its core Lucene and Solr expertise with the ISYS File Readers document filtering technology.

With the exponential growth in unstructured data in organizations today, such as various forms of documents, informal notes, emails, and wikis, document filters are critical components of enterprise search solutions, allowing users to index a wide range of file formats and content for business-critical applications. ISYS File Readers deliver this capability and will further contribute to the strength of Lucene/Solr as a compelling alternative to proprietary search solutions.

“The ability to use ISYS’ document filter technology offers a significant advantage to organizations considering open source Lucene/Solr to build reliable and scalable enterprise search solutions,” said Eric Gries, CEO of LucidWorks. “Search is a mission critical application for many organizations. The combination of ISYS File Readers and Lucene/Solr offers a best of breed solution for enterprises that do not want to be held back by lack of functionality and the high costs associated with proprietary search products from infrastructure and platform vendors.”

More than 4,000 organizations worldwide are already using the technology in a wide range of applications and markets. With the enhancements made over the past three years, Lucene/Solr has emerged as a compelling alternative to proprietary licensed search and discovery software products. In addition to lower TCO, the flexibility of the architecture allows enterprises to develop highly sophisticated purpose-built search solutions to address their unique business challenges.

“The LucidWorks team has some of the most well-known committers to the Lucene/Solr project, and it is clear they are one of the driving forces in the development and growing popularity of open source search,” said Scott Coles, chief executive officer, ISYS Search Software. “We see our partnership with LucidWorks as a key win and a strategic move that provides our customers with a wider, more robust range of development options for sophisticated information access, management and re-use.”

ISYS is at the forefront of integrated and OEM search solutions with its File Readers, an embeddable set of 200+ text extraction filters supporting 60+ languages designed to aid content management and mining applications used for a variety of business purposes. Because they include a full set of Java API’s, the ISYS File Readers are particularly well-suited for use in Lucene and Solr-based search applications. By offering ISYS File Readers as part of its Lucene/Solr solutions, LucidWorks gives users and developers out-of-the-box capability to find and extract virtually all of the content and formats that exist today in their enterprise environment.

As an active participant in the enormous community using this open source search technology, LucidWorks offers certified distributions of Lucene and Solr, commercial-grade support, training, high-level consulting and value-added software. The company’s Web site serves as a knowledge portal for the Lucene community, with wide range of information, resources and state of the art information retrieval application, LucidFind to help developers and search professionals get quick access to the information they need to design, build and deploy Lucene and Solr based solutions in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

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About LucidWorks
LucidWorks is a commercial company dedicated to Apache Lucene technology. The company provides free certified distributions, commercial-grade support, training, high-level consulting and value-added software for Lucene and Solr. LucidWork’s goal is to serve as a central resource for the entire Lucene community and make them more productive. LucidWorks is a privately held venture-funded company. The investors include Granite Ventures and Walden International and its customers include AOL, Apple, Comcast, and Zappos.

About ISYS® Search Software
Established in 1988, ISYS Search Software is a global supplier of information access and discovery solutions for mining intelligence and corporate knowledge. The company’s award-winning software suite offers a broad range of search, navigation and discovery solutions for desktop search, intranet search, SharePoint search and embedded search applications. ISYS has been deployed by thousands of organizations operating in a variety of industries, including government, legal, law enforcement, financial services, healthcare and recruitment.

ISYS maintains offices in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific.The company’s customers include the International Data Group, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Boeing, Autodesk, EMC Corporation, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Miami Police Department, Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton, LLP, HP/TOWER Software, the US Department of Homeland Security and the US Department of Justice.

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