Users Praise Million-strong Solr Community for Advancing Open Source Enterprise Search

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – October 15, 2012 – A milestone in the maturity of open source search was reached today with the general availability of the Apache Foundation’s Solr 4.0 search server. Integrated tightly with the Apache Lucene search library, the combination, Lucene/Solr, is the industry’s most widely used platform for writing real-time embedded search applications that can scale to handle billions of documents and high query volumes. Solr is considered by many to be the open source standard for fast, flexible and scalable implementation. To congratulate the Apache Solr community on this release, LucidWorks, the trusted name in Search, Discovery and Analytics, invites the community to mark the occasion by sharing praise for Solr and posting comments to the located on

Demand for enterprise search technology is exploding as businesses worldwide seek to improve competitiveness and generate revenue in today’s data-driven economy. The need for robust, flexible search technology is critical. Lucene/Solr open source search has emerged as a de-facto standard in the enterprise search market over the past few years with thousands of downloads per day and several thousands of organizations using the open source software for their most intensive data-driven search needs.

“Apache Lucene/Solr has become the most broadly deployed enterprise search technology in the world, and has helped create a whole new era of information applications,” said Paul Doscher, CEO of LucidWorks. “Thousands of companies are gaining competitive advantage from Solr’s ability to aggregate content and provide new business insights which transform data into business value. The outpouring of support for Solr 4.0 reflects the continued momentum of open source search, and we congratulate the community on this latest release.”

With the growth of multi-structured data at an all-time high, Lucene/Solr’s unmatched capabilities for building search applications are shaping the future of search for technologists across sectors and industries around the world. LucidWorks Search is the commercial development platform that accelerates and simplifies, building highly secure, scalable and cost-effective search applications. The platform is the only commercial solution for accessing the power and innovation of Solr 4.0 and obtaining the full innovation benefits of the open source Apache Lucene/Solr community in an enterprise-grade package.

Celebrating Solr 4.0

“Solr is the cornerstone of our social marketing analytics platform. The platform helps manage conversations and content – and provides monitoring across 30,000 brands, 100 million social accounts, and an aggregate audience of 5.2 billion followers, fans, subscribers and contributors from 233 countries across dozens of the largest social platforms. We began working with Solr 4.0 Beta because of our extreme need for performance scalability and high availability. Combined with our Hadoop cluster, we have achieved throughput rates greater than 10,000 documents per second. One of our indexes currently contains greater than 290,000,000 documents and is growing by 3 to 4 million documents per day. We are very pleased with the performance we have achieved with Solr 4.0 and are confident the system will easily handle our growth.”

  • Timothy Potter, Big Data Architect, Dachis Group


“Only Solr meets the near real-time Big Data needs of the social tools that Zoosk’s millions of members enjoy on their social news feeds. Solr enhances the romantic experience of our users by powering our personals search capability, matching our personals application users with compatible candidates in a sophisticated way. Without it, opportunities and serendipitous matches of our users from around the globe would certainly be lost. Our performance testing of Solr 4 makes us very excited about its GA release.”

  • Glenn Engstrand, Senior Software Engineer, Platform Team, Zoosk, Inc.


“In U.S. military operations worldwide, the intelligence information enterprise consists of hundreds of data sources and feeds. Mostly unstructured, the collection of personal interactions, millions of documents and rich media get indexed into relational and non-relational data stores. Solr enables time-critical analysis of this heterogeneous data, helping to search, discover and correlate information quickly. That’s critical to the analysis of ‘connecting the dots’ between disparate sources to make the right decisions. Solr 4 represents a leap forward in our ability to continue to service the ever-increasing big data needs of our customers, enabling the next generation of search and analytics applications.”

  • Wess Caldwell, Chief Architect, ISS, Inc.