A New Product Dashboard and SiLK Upgrade Simplify and Enhance User Experience

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Jul 21, 2015) – Today, Lucidworks, the chosen search solution for leading brands and companies around the world, releases Fusion 2.0. Fusion, Lucidworks’ flagship product, gives employees at all levels of an organization access to a streamlined, consumer-like search experience with enterprise-grade speed, scalability, flexibility and reliability. With this new release, Fusion 2.0 integrates with Apache Spark to enable real-time data analytics, and a new version of SiLK simplifies dashboard visualizations, dramatically enhancing user experience.

The integration of Apache Spark extends search-based analytics capabilities and brings the power of real time streaming to Fusion. Fusion users now have access to Spark’s store of machine learning libraries which improve the relevancy of data-driven analytics. In addition, a new user interface, the Fusion Dashboard, powered by an enhanced UI framework, SiLK, extends Fusion’s accessibility by educating users of all levels — even those unfamiliar with Solr and Spark architectures — as they move along key features.

“We built Fusion to give our users the ability to create unlimited experiences around their data, regardless of their role within an organization. With our new interface, users are better equipped to utilize Fusion so they can create the applications they want for customers while expanding their understanding of their own data,” said Will Hayes, CEO, Lucidworks. “We want to offer the best product to our users, and by integrating with Apache Spark we enable real-time analytics that complement our powerful search capabilities.”
Fusion 2.0 features include:

  • Apache Spark integration: Adding Spark to the Solr architecture speeds up the retrieval and analysis of data.
  • Fusion Dashboard: A new version of SiLK, a responsive UI framework, lets users easily create and share visualizations, dashboards and reports on the performance of their search applications.
  • Fully reconfigured user experience: By merging pre-existing user interfaces into one, the simplified workflow enhances the usability of Fusion for those less familiar with Solr’s architecture.
  • Improved facet management: Delivers an intuitive and streamlined way to vary and customize the information displayed according to the data requested.
  • Security integration: Use existing Kerberos, Active Directory, LDAP and SSO systems to manage authentication to Fusion, assign users to Fusion roles and automatically limit search results according to existing enterprise security groups.
    Shipping with Solr 5.x: Official support for running Fusion against Solr 5.x clusters.

Fusion is also available in the Amazon Web Services Marketplace, making it easier than ever to get started. Even without access to a machine with the recommended OS, disk space or memory, users can launch an instance of Fusion in the AWS cloud and have it running on a suitably configured system with one click. Now, Fusion is available on the full spectrum of hosting options: on-premise, multi-tenant and cloud.
Lucidworks is the commercial sponsor of Lucene/Solr, one of the largest open source projects in the world. The company employs some of the foremost Solr experts and has contributed 70 percent of the project’s code, helping to improve and shape the direction of the most popular search software solution. Companies like Red Hat, Sears, Verizon, ADP, Raytheon, Qualcomm, Ford, MapR, eHarmony and Cisco, among others, rely on Lucidworks to power search inside their organizations. For more information, visit lucidworks.com.

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