LucidWorks Named to EContent Magazine’s List of 100 Companies That Matter in the Digital Content Industry

Commercial Backers of Open Source Apache Lucene and Solr Honored With Industry Recognition

San Mateo, Calif. – December 1, 2009LucidWorks, the commercial company dedicated to supporting open source Apache Lucene and Apache Solr search technologies, has been named to EContent magazine’s 2009 EContent 100 list of companies that matter most in the digital content industry. This recognition comes nearly one year from the launch of LucidWorks, a year in which the company has helped organizations migrate to open source search and has brought numerous contributions, fixes, and value-add components to the Lucene/Solr community.

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“In choosing this year’s list, one aspect we focused on was recognizing companies that are helping to reignite the content economy by making digital content more accessible and affordable,” said Michelle Manafy, Editor-in-Chief of EContent Magazine. “We are pleased to include LucidWorks on this year’s list not only for their continued contribution and dedication to the overall Lucene/Solr community, but also for their efforts in making open source search available to the masses.”

Lucene and Solr have seen dramatic increases in enterprise adoption over the past several years. On top of recent improvements to Lucene/Solr’s performance, scalability and stability, the current economic downturn has many organizations looking closely at the cost benefits of open source. Moreover, the depth and flexibility of Lucene and Solr provides companies a competitive advantage by allowing them to innovate with their search capabilities. The coupling of the technological strength and open source cost benefits with the mission-critical expert support services from LucidWorks has directly driven enterprise adoption of Lucene/Solr.

“We are delighted to be included on the EContent 100 list in our first year of existence,” said Eric Gries, LucidWorks CEO. “At LucidWorks, our mission is to bring the power and flexibility of Lucene and Solr open source technologies to organizations who need innovative, mission critical search. We are honored that our efforts at providing search innovation and leverage to digital content are recognized in this way by EContent Magazine.”

Since the public launch of the company in January of 2009, LucidWorks has taken major steps in accelerating enterprise adoption of Lucene/Solr. For instance, the company offers LucidWorks Certified Distributions: free, release-stable versions of Apache Lucene and Solr that include a free 30 day get-started program. Furthermore, in the coming weeks Lucid will be introducing more ‘firsts’ aimed at helping application developers leverage the strengths of Lucene/Solr: a Lucene/Solr ‘User Manual’ and a Solr installation wizard.

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About LucidWorks

LucidWorks is a commercial company dedicated to Apache Lucene technology. The company provides free certified distributions, commercial-grade support, training, high-level consulting and value-added software for Lucene and Solr. LucidWorks’s goal is to serve as a central resource for the entire Lucene community and make them more productive. LucidWorks is a privately held venture-funded company. The investors include Granite Ventures and Walden International and its customers include AT&T Interactive, Apple, Comcast, The Motley Fool and Zappos.

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