“By partnering with Lucidworks, technology vendors, system integrators, and resellers form a global network of specialists that customers can trust and rely on to bring the power of the Lucidworks Fusion platform to their applications and solutions. The new partnership program provides the structure to equip customers worldwide with the benefits of the Lucidworks platform. This framework will ensure a complementary fit between Lucidworks and its partners. …The program also includes OEM partners looking to create their own solutions with embedded Lucidworks technology on a broader SaaS basis or as part of a managed service cloud platform. Additionally, consulting partners who are already a company’s preferred integration vendor, can generate new revenue as system integrators and trusted advisors.”

Full article: https://martechseries.com/predictive-ai/ai-platforms-machine-learning/lucidworks-puts-partners-first-with-new-partnership-program-to-deliver-powerful-ai-solutions-to-the-global-2000/