“Today, Lucidworks, the leader in intelligent search and discovery, announces new features for their embeddable, easy-to-configure, out-of-the-box site search solution that runs anywhere, Lucidworks Site Search. Now with multiple language support tailorable to deployment regions, international teams using Site Search can deliver actionable intelligence faster than ever before.

“Site Search, an enterprise-grade application, now supports multiple European languages including French, Italian, German, Polish, Russian, and Spanish for both indexing and searching with auto-detect during web crawls. Language support has also been extended to the search UI, which is localized to support a global audience.”

Full article https://www.omaha.com/money/consumer/lucidworks-site-search-cloud-app-goes-international-with-multiple-language/article_4a8f3316-4728-54f3-b759-2a3602d60113.html