My background is in Software Engineering with an emphasis on analytics and distributed computing. I have been at Lucidworks for seven years and was brought in by the board to lead the company through a transition from an open source support and services company to delivering proprietary solutions on-top of search and AI. In 2005 I was a part of the founding team at Splunk where I started as a software engineer then transitioned into technical business development. I spent eight years there leading the efforts around technology integrations, ecosystem development and go to market expansion. Prior to that I worked as a software engineer at Genentech and built solutions that supported the sales and drug development teams in their field activities.

As a CEO, one of the biggest differences I’ve realized is that if you’re doing your job well, you rarely make any easy decisions. As a software engineer, day to day decision making had a smaller impact on the business at large; the decisions are much more clear cut (and popular) when the problem you’re solving is clear cut. And I do miss being engaged at a deeper level in any given initiative, be it a feature, a release, or a product. However, one of the perks of being in a leadership role is that it’s never boring, you’re constantly moving between multiple modes and environments.

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