“The latest player to jump aboard the Apache Spark bandwagon is bound to turn some heads in the upstream ecosystem. Lucidworks Inc. has added integration with the speedy data crunching framework in the new version of its flagship enterprise search engine that debuted this morning as part of an effort to catch up with the changing requirements of CIOs embarking on analytics projects.

“The update represents the latest sign of the rekindled industry interest in Spark spurred by IBM Corp.’s recent pledge to commit a billion dollars and 4,500 engineers towards improving the capabilities of the project. Monumental in and of itself, the investment is made even more significant by the fact that the technology giant has a long history of helping to popularize open-source software.

“The most notable fruit of its efforts is Linux, which catapulted from enterprise obscurity to becoming the dominant operating system in the data center thanks to a similar 10-figure commitment at the turn of the millennium. Lucidworks now hopes to take that disruption power to its advantage through Spark, which faces an equally bright future as Linux did over a decade ago.”

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