“Lucidworks has released version 2.0 of Fusion, its enterprise Big Data search product built on Apache Solr storage architecture, with Apache Spark integration and a revamped SiLK dashboard.

“Fusion 2.0’s Spark integration within its data-processing layer enables real-time analytics within the enterprise search platform, adding Spark to the Solr architecture to accelerate data retrieval and analysis. Developers using Fusion now also have access to Spark’s store of machine-learning libraries for data-driven analytics.

“’Spark allows users to leverage real-time streams of data, which can be accessed to drive the weighting of results in search applications,’ said Lucidworks CEO Will Hayes. ‘In regards to enterprise search innovation, the ability to use an entirely different system architecture, Apache Spark, cannot be overstated. This is an entirely new approach for us, and one that our customers have been requesting for quite some time.'”

Full article on SD Times.