Second Annual Developer Conference Conquers New Frontiers of Search and Big Data October 17-20 in Barcelona

Redwood City, Calif August 24, 2011 – LucidWorks [formerly Lucid Imagination], the commercial company for Apache Lucene and Apache Solr search technology, announced that big data thought leaders from Twitter and newly launched commercial company for Hadoop, Hortonworks, will keynote at the forthcoming Apache Lucene EuroCon open source search conference in Barcelona, Spain this October 17-20.

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HortonWorks CEO Eric Baldeschwieler delivers the opening day keynote at the conference on Search and Big Data. LucidWorks Chief Scientist Grant Ingersoll will discuss the range of open source innovation driving the frontiers of big data and search. Twitter Senior Search Engineer and veteran Apache Lucene PMC member Michael Busch will deliver a technical keynote on Twitter’s cutting edge architecture for handling more than 1.5 billion queries per day using Lucene.

With the unrelenting growth of data enabled by faster processes, fatter networks, and cheaper storage across cloud and conventional compute environments, developers are flocking to new, more productive ways of building applications to leverage all that data. The keynotes at the conference demonstrate the breadth of open source search technology, harvesting everything from exabytes stored in Hadoop clusters to the fast-moving stream of 140-character messages. The combined leverage of Apache Lucene/Solr and Apache Hadoop represents a vital example of open source innovation driven by The Apache Software Foundation.

Members of the Lucene/Solr community are at the vanguard of search innovation, and they meet regularly at LucidWork’s conferences, facilitating the meritocratic free-flowing exchange of ideas and experience about the latest in search and big data techniques and strategies. As the largest European conference dedicated to Lucene/Solr, Apache Lucene Eurocon attracts search application developers, technologists, thought leaders and market makers representing all reaches of the search application developer community across Europe and around the world.

Attendees at past conferences, including Apache Lucene Eurocon in Prague in May of 2010 and Lucene Revolution in San Francisco 2011 come from around the world and across all sizes and shapes of organizations, drawn together by the unique opportunity to meet face to face with the active virtual community that uses and contributes cutting-edge open source code via The Apache Software Foundation.

“The open floodgates of data and content growth are drawing tremendous new thinking in search and big data. Apache Lucene Eurocon is the best opportunity for serious application developers with lots of data to engage with each other on the latest on innovations in the open source search community,” said Grant Ingersoll, a Lucene/Solr committer and recently named Chief Scientist of LucidWorks. “Efforts by the community and meritocracy are giving users and technologists faster, more accurate, cost effective search through new, powerful tools that transform the onslaught of content and big data into big usefulness.”

In addition to the conference, two-day, accelerated training workshop intensives precede the October 17-18 conference, featuring introductory and intermediate classes in Solr application development, and trainings in Lucene development, big data/Hadoop, and LucidWorks Search.

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Proceeds of the conference benefit The Apache Software Foundation.

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