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Product Discovery Industries

Lucidworks is deployed across all industries and optimized to drive conversions for every market vertical.


Industries and Verticals


Wide Assortment Retail

Wide and deep catalogs magnify the importance of balance between recall and relevance. Understand intent with semantic search and always deliver relevant products with dense vector approaches. Our technology turns your zero results into conversions so you can focus on more important strategies. Accelerate the path to purchase with hyper-relevant typeahead suggestions and contextually relevant recommendations. Dirty data? We’ll clean it up for an effective index that will deliver sales growth from day one. Learn more

Pd Industry B2c

B2C Retail

From Apparel to Automotive and Specialty to Science we’ve mastered product discovery in your domain. You won’t need a Phd to deliver the power of machine learning to your customers. With sophisticated technology and easy to use analytics and merchandising too. Learn more


Digital Native

We know how critical product discovery is, especially when your business depends on it. We also know how important it is to drive your brand strategies and the challenges that creates in product discovery. Lucidworks understands intent and retrieves your relevant products, every time. Channeling shoppers through products and content to conversion is both an art and a science. Lucidworks has optimized algorithms, analytics, and merchandising tools to make revenue growth easy. Learn more


D2C Manufacturers

Stop driving your shoppers to downstream resellers. Easily leverage semantic search and dense vector approaches to understand shopper intent and align the most relevant products to every query and personalized for every shopper. Harness the sophisticated analytics to learn from your shoppers to not only improve the product discovery experience but also influence your business intelligence. Learn more

Pd Industry Warehouse

B2B Distribution

From search to browse to recommendations, our product discovery platform is tuned to simplify complicated catalogs into high converting websites. Index large product assortments and varieties of content to be integrated into the product discovery experience. Controlling different segments and their access to different information is easy. Lucidworks supports all the typical B2B use cases with added value from experience in B2C markets. Learn more

Pd Industry Marketplace


Deploying a marketplace technology is just the beginning. Your true objective is delighting customers with a discovery experience that meets their goals and boosting your numbers. In most search, merchandising, and recommendations platforms that means endless curation of rules, and at some point you will face a tough decision between scaling up business curation (and therefore headcount) or compromising customer experience. Lucidworks arsenal of ML models means you can scale third party assortments and automatically optimize them. Learn more

Pd Industry Manufacturing

B2B Manufacturers

Time is money for you and your customers. Getting customers to the right products quickly, without manual curation, is imperative. Easily integrate content and products into the experience throughout search, browse, recommendations, and other product discovery tools. Advanced pre-configured AI models reduce friction, accelerate the path to purchase, and provide efficient and confident product discovery experiences. Learn more

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Pd Industry Transparent 5px


Connected product discovery for the world’s biggest retailers

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