Quickly create data apps for connected search experiences, personalized with AI.

Prototypes in Hours, not Weeks

Build a tailor-made application from initial data loading to live demo, in a week. App Studio’s modular structure and pre-built components reduce development times for repeatable, predictable success.

App Studio’s stateless architecture ensures that your search applications are robust, easy to deploy, and highly scalable with automatic alerting across any industry or use case including:

User-Focused Experience

Data becomes valuable when people are able to understand what it means. An engaging user interface drives adoption, and empowers users to navigate and understand what your data is saying. App Studio gives you a comprehensive suite of modular components to create interfaces optimized for every screen size and device:

Basic Search Controls

Pagination, breadcrumbs, results per page, and tabs.

Faceted Navigation

Display facets and filters as text links or checkboxes.

Data Visualization

Fully annotated bar charts, pivots, pie charts, line charts, column charts, scatter charts and more.

Geospatial Mapping

Show data sets and results with geographical context, heatmaps, and facets.


Search suggestions from a list, fields and facets or powered by the underlying search platform.

Customizable UI

Flexible and modular so you can build exactly the experience you want for your end users.

Results Previews

See rich snippets and document previews in search results.

Detail Pages

Provide detail pages for search results to provide rich information about a given entry.

Topic Landing Pages

User-friendly URLs show data from multiple sources at once for search-driven topic pages.

Supports over 25 Data Platforms Including

Robust Security

App Studio ships with security fortified for industries from Fortune 500 organizations to government agencies, enforcing permissions by item, role, geography or other parameters. Our Security module supports a number of authentication providers:

  • Single Sign-On via Windows Integrated Authentication
  • CA SiteMinder
  • Container Managed Authentication
  • Form-based Authentication
  • Cookie-based Authentication
  • Passthrough Authentication
  • Custom Authentication Providers 
 via API

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