Fusion Server is a search engine and NoSQL datastore that personalizes results at scale.

Unmatched Scale

Fortune 10 Consumer Company


events per day



documents per second

Trillions of Documents

Fusion Server supports querying trillions of documents from an unlimited number of data sources and data formats.

Fortune 10 Retailer


queries per second



Sub-Second Response Times

Execute hundreds of thousands of queries per second from millions of concurrent users with sub-second response time.

Fortune 10 Customer


collections over 120 nodes


replicas per node

Solr, Spark, and Streams

Fusion Server is built with open source, open core Apache Solr, the most popular, reliable, and powerful search technology in the world.

Apache Spark provides a processing framework that can produce aggregates and perform other complex processing and algorithms on massive volumes of raw data.

Process incoming data streams and feeds with real-time ingestion so the index is always up to date.


Ingest any data type from any data source quickly and intelligently.

Documents and Data

Ingest and parse documents and data in popular formats including PDFs, Microsoft Office, CSV, email archives, HTML, rich text, JSON, ZIP archives, XML, and plain text.

Key-Value Stores

Index your NoSQL or other key-value databases for optimized searching with full capabilities for ad hoc queries, ranges, graphs, fast primary key lookups, and other complex query types.

Relational Databases

Connect, index, and query relational databases including Oracle, MySQL, Couchbase, Hadoop, and JDBC compliant databases. Execute transactions, delta queries, nested queries, and relational joins that include numerical, geospatial, and temporal data alongside textual information.

Graph Capability

Complex graphing capabilities let you see how the data fits together with traversals for fraud detection, anomaly detection, relationship discovery and scoring, and other methods to explore modeled relationships in the data - even across entire collections

Access Your Data Your Way

Fusion Server’s REST APIs and endpoints give you complete access to all your data with the tools and commands you already know and love.

Full Text Search

Perform traditional keyword text search of the index with results returned with full faceting, Boolean operators and logic, and natural language processing to sharpen the query and the results.

SQL Everywhere

Execute full SQL queries on all your data with your security model properly enforced and permissions applied. Connect to endpoints with Tableau, Business Objects, and all the other BI and SQL apps you already have in-house. Spend more time finding insights and less time with pivot tables in Excel.


Ask better questions of your data with rapid computation of counts, averages, and other statistics across the index or a specific set of results. Run analysis on document fields and enrich with parsing and part of speech tagging and parsing. Results can be clustered, summarized, or displayed with visualization to show the most complete picture of your data with output formats including JSON, XML, and CSV.

Connect to your data wherever it lives.

With connectors to over 100 data sources supporting nearly 500 data formats, Fusion Server can access your data from all your sources (and all your silos) including databases, intranets, network drives, SharePoint, CRM systems, support tickets, the public web, and the cloud.

Fusion Server also ships with our Connector Framework for writing custom connectors, crawlers, and integrations to adapt to any customer’s unique mix of data, documents, and files.

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Your security model enforced from cluster to collection to cell.

Fusion Server supports a multi-vendor approach to authentication and authorization with role-based access controls for encryption, masking, and redaction at every level. Integrate document-level security into the query so that users only have access to documents which they are authorized to view with user access and authorization inherited from the source systems.

Fusion Server integrates with third party systems like LDAP, Kerberos, SAML, and Active Directory. This approach enables fine-grained access controls of all API and UI functions.

Administration from one unified view.

Easy Management

Add new collections, shards, and clusters and monitor status of your apps – even across hundreds of nodes.


Fusion Server ships with monitoring and auditing of all systems, including dashboards for searching and visualizing logs and other system metrics.


Shard placement strategies and custom routing options for fine-tuned management of data for both scaling as well as multi-tenant requirements.


Fusion Server and any or all of its components may also be deployed and run inside of a variety of virtual environments, as well as inside Hadoop clusters under YARN, and inside containers like Docker.

Cloud Ready

Fusion Server has capabilities to synchronize indexing across data centers and is available as Amazon Machine Images via the AWS Marketplace, making it easy to spin up instances in the cloud.

Failover, Balancing, and Recovery

Automatic failover, built-in load balancing, automatic recovery, cross-datacenter replication, backup and snapshotting to ensure high availability and maximum uptime.

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