Fusion is a cognitive search engine that scales to billions of documents while serving millions of users.

Trusted by Some of the World's Largest Organizations

Search and browse with a highly-scalable data store for real-time discovery.

Your Data, Accessed Your Way

Fusion Server’s REST APIs and endpoints give you complete access to all your data with the tools and commands you already know and love.

Full Text Search

Manipulate results from keyword search queries, with faceting, Boolean operators, and advanced natural language processing.

Visual Usage Analytics

Visually interact with analytics on how users explore, why queries work, and why they fail. Run A/B tests to anticipate how updates can help users.

SQL Anywhere, Anytime

Execute full SQL queries on all your data, with your security model fully enforced. Connect to endpoints like Tableau, Business Objects, and any other BI apps.

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Immediate Answers From Billions of Records

Access data across any and all independent systems of record, but leave the data where it resides. Fusion Server powers rapid, proactive, contextual data exploration.

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Interactive Response Times

Fusion can execute hundreds of thousands of queries per second, from millions of concurrent users, returning results in less than a second.

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Millions of Concurrent Users

Fusion Server powers connected experiences for some of the largest workplaces and websites, scaling to help millions find the most relevant answers.

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Billions of Diverse Records

Fusion Server supports instantaneous queries on billions of records, from any number of data sources, in any data format.

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Open-Source Core, Interwoven With AI

Enterprise data architectures are standardizing on open-source technologies: Apache Solr and Apache Spark.

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Solr for Search

Apache Solr is the highly reliable, scalable open-source search engine that does the distributed indexing, replication and query load-balancing that users enjoy with Lucidworks Fusion.

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Spark for Machine Learning

Fusion employs an Apache Spark cluster for all signal aggregation processes. Spark jobs help to train ML models to make predictions for new data and queries.

Artificial Intelligence Throughout

As data flows in, Fusion Server invokes AI for clustering and classification, NLP functions like named entity recognition (NER), sentence detection, part of speech tagging, regex, and sentiment analysis with deep learning.

As data flows out, Fusion uses AI again to interpret query intent to return the most relevant results. Other query-time AI identifies domain-specific entities (people, places, things, synonyms, misspellings, topics, phrases, etc.) with the semantic knowledge graph (SKG) and understands their relationships within the searched content.

All Your Data Sources (And Then Some)

Pre-built connectors let you ingest data from more than 100 sources (and silos) including: databases, intranets, network drives and the cloud. Our Connector Framework makes it easy to write custom connectors for any other source or format.

Dimension Stores

Documents of All Sorts

Ingest and parse records in popular formats including: PDFs, plain text, rich text, Microsoft Office apps, CSV files, email archives, HTML, JSON, and XML.

Dimension Connect

Relational and SQL Databases

Query RDBMS systems like Oracle, MySQL, and other JDBC-compliant databases. Execute transactions, nested queries, and relational joins that include numerical, geospatial, textual and temporal data.

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NoSQL, Hive, and Hadoop

Connect to data stores like MongoDB, Couchbase, Hive, and HDFS. Combine your data in one index: relational, unstructured, and semi-structured data. Utilize full-text search and machine learning on this data in brand new ways.

Administration and Security Are Easily Managed with Fusion Server

Failover, Balancing and Recovery

Ensure high availability and maximum uptime with: automatic failover, built-in load balancing, automatic recovery, cross-datacenter replication (CDCR), backups and snapshotting.

Security Model Enforcement

Enjoy fine-grained access control, with support for Active Directory, Single Sign-on, SAML, Kerberos and LDAP with role-based access controls. Encryption, masking, and redaction are possible at every level so users only see documents which they are authorized to view.

Visual Monitoring

View monitoring and auditing of all systems, with configurable dashboards for searching and visualizing logs and other system metrics.


Fusion can be deployed on GCP, Azure, and AWS. Scale different search and index traffic without separate installations and add new cloud-based apps more quickly and easily.

Microservices and Containers

Fusion follows modern cloud architecture best practices and is optimized for deployment within Docker running with a Kubernetes microservices architecture.

Datasheet: Fusion Server

Learn more about how Fusion Server gives your team a powerful NoSQL data store that indexes and processes big data of all types.


330 Million Reddit Users Rely on Search

Reddit handles ~10M monthly posts, 3M daily comments, and 58M daily votes across 138K active communities.

47 M
Daily searches
99.99 %
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Reduction in Infrastructure

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