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Get support from the team that built Solr.

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Lucidworks employs 1/3 of the active Apache Solr committers and contributes 70% of the open source code so we have unparalleled Solr expertise when it comes to your project. We know Solr inside and out and can help your team leapfrog over common roadblocks in the design and deployment of your next search app.

90% of the Fortune 500 uses Solr. When they have a question, they call us. You should too.

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90% of Fortune 500 uses Solr.


70% of the open source code


Hosts the largest annual Lucene/Solr Conference.

We employ 1/3 of the active Apache Solr committers.

Who better to help you with Solr than the people who built it?

An Enterprise SLA For Solr

All of the benefits of open source combined with the support and response times you’d expect from traditional enterprise software. Subscriptions include support for both development and production deployments with unlimited incidents support and 24/7 availability. Per-node pricing scales as your needs grow so you only pay for what you need.

Query and Cache Performance

Instance configurations, utilization statistics, and query caches assessed at at a granular level for concrete recommendations in improving system performance, system stability, and availability.

Environment Settings

Production environment is examined for optimal utilization of system resources.

Inefficient Garbage Collection

Analysis of garbage collection logs to identify these bottlenecks and provide insightful recommendations to prevent future performance issues.

Configuration Audit

Identify configuration problem areas that are known to cause performance issues. Solr configuration files are evaluated for both current and planned infrastructure to provide system-wide fine-tuning recommendations.

ZooKeeper Best Practices

Ensure best practices for ZooKeeper installation and configuration. Recommendations include connection counts, data directory space usage, request settings, and much more to ensure the highest performance for your ZK process.

Quarterly Health Checks

As your search application evolves, regular health checks identify issues before they become serious problems, and determine when the system needs to be scaled to accommodate an expanded user base, increased application complexity, bigger data volumes, or faster data velocity. Our quarterly assessments provide your organization with in-depth insights and prioritized recommendations to better utilize Solr to its full potential.

US General Services Administration

Keith Machen

eCommerce Division Director, GSA IT

"Since we've migrated to Solr, we've seen great improvement in search relevance. GSA Advantage now provides over 44 million products and services online from over 20 thousand vendors. Our users expect the accuracy of Google and the ease-of-use of Amazon. Solr has drastically reduced the time it takes for customers to find what their looking for. We've seen very positive results within just the first few months of our implementation. Lucidworks gave us great support and expertise needed to migrate our systems from IDOL to Solr in under 90 days, inside a pretty complex infrastructure."

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