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Lucidworks Fusion has everything you need to rapidly

design and deploy powerful search apps – all built on top of Apache Solr

Here’s how:

1. Download

Product Checksum Operating System(s)
Fusion-3.1.3.tar.gz Fusion-3.1.3.tar.gz.sha256 Unix / Linux / OS X
Fusion-3.1.3.zip Fusion-3.1.3.zip.sha256 Windows
The Lucidworks Fusion distribution also includes Apache Solr, Apache Spark, and Logstash.

2. Install

Unzip the download file. This unpacks into a directory or folder named fusion with a sub-folder named the same as the version number of Fusion you’re installing. This is Fusion’s home directory.

3. Start

The scripts to run Fusion are in the bin folder in the Fusion home directory. The script bin/fusion starts and stops Fusion and starts processes on ports 8764, 8765, 8983, 8984, and 9983. If these ports are already in use, you'll need to change the Fusion ports in conf/fusion.properties before you start Fusion.

To start Fusion, navigate to the /bin folder.

Linux/Mac OS

bin/fusion start


bin\fusion.cmd start

Successful startup results in several lines of output, reporting the Fusion components and the ports on which they are running.

Starting zookeeper...
Successfully started zookeeper on port 9983 (process ID 10653)
Starting solr....
Successfully started solr on port 8983 (process ID 10655)
Starting api.....
Successfully started api on port 8765 (process ID 10659)
Starting connectors......
Successfully started connectors on port 8984 (process ID 10750)
Starting ui.......
Successfully started ui on port 8764 (process ID 10835)

Other Tips

To access Fusion’s UI, point your browser to http://localhost:8764

The first time you run Fusion, you’ll be asked to agree to our EULA agreement, (optional) complete registration, and set your admin password.

To stop Fusion, use a similar command

Linux/Mac OS

bin/fusion stop


bin\fusion.cmd stop

Need help?

For help getting set up with Fusion, here’s our documentation, or contact us.

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