Training and Consulting

SolrU: Learn from the best.

Training and consulting with the world's top search technology experts.

Train with the Experts

Our training and course materials are designed by the same experts who originally developed and continue to build Solr.

Hands-on Learning

The best way to learn Solr is with hands-on training in a lab-based environment. Participants will start building with Solr within the first five minutes in our workshop-style classes.

Onsite or Around the World

For those who prefer a more customized approach, our classes can also be delivered onsite. Please contact Lucidworks University for more details.

We employ 1/3 of the active Apache Solr committers.

Who better to help you with Solr than the people who built it?

Lucidworks Consulting

Lucidworks provides expert consulting for Lucene and Solr technologies focused on architecture and design reviews, training, enablement, performance optimization, and other best practices. The Lucidworks consulting team consists of senior search technologists intimately familiar with Lucene and Solr technologies, with extensive experience in field-tested search solutions in diverse deployment scenarios.

Early Stage Evaluation

Lucidworks Solution Architect consultants can provide advice and recommendations for rapid and optimal development as well as deployment that ensure your search application:

  • Design meets business objectives
  • Effectively fulfills functional and technical requirements
  • Uses best practices for indexing, searching, and performance

Periodic Assessment

Lucidworks search experts can perform a periodic assessment of your Lucene/Solr-based application, to help ensure your application is performing optimally to meet your business objectives.

  • Verifying accuracy and performance of data analysis and transformation
  • Effectively meets functional/technical requirements
  • Validating search index integrity


Diagnostic Services

Lucidworks consulting services can cost effectively and rapidly analyze, troubleshoot, and recommend fixes for complex search issues:

  • Indexing and query execution
  • Advanced search function such as spellchecking, faceting, “more-like-this”, etc.
  • Configuration review and performance analysis
  • Scalability and capacity planning

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