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Learn how to build powerful search and discovery applications.

Lucidworks Training

There is no better way to learn how to build and manage Apache Solr and Lucidworks Fusion than from the experts who work on the platforms every day. Our workshop-style courses will provide attendees with the know-how to spin up and optimize sophisticated search applications. Training courses are broken out by Apache Solr and Lucidworks Fusion, Lucidworks’ proprietary platform that allows users to quickly and easily deploy, manage, and integrate AI into their search applications. All courses are taught in a hands-on lab-based format using updated versions of Apache Solr and Lucidworks Fusion. To download Fusion Training Datasheets click here.

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Lucidworks Consulting

Lucidworks provides expert consulting for search and discovery technologies focused on architecture and design reviews, training, enablement, performance optimization, and other best practices. The consulting team consists of senior search technologists intimately familiar with Solr technologies, with extensive experience in field-tested search solutions in diverse deployment scenarios.

Early Stage Evaluation

Lucidworks Solution Architect consultants can provide advice and recommendations.

Periodic Assessment

Lucidworks search experts can perform a periodic assessment of your Lucene/Solr-based application.

Diagnostic Services

Lucidworks consulting services can effectively analyze and troubleshoot complex search issues.

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