Lucidworks Training and Education

Learn how to build powerful search and discovery applications.

Lucidworks Training

Lucidworks training is designed to allow people of all skill levels to optimize and configure their Fusion deployments, enhance relevancy with AI and machine learning, and quickly design, iterate, and launch custom web and mobile applications. Our Apache Solr training is specifically designed to enable attendees to learn how to build with Solr in lab-based instructor-led courses, and was created by the same experts who continue to contribute code to the Solr community. The best way to learn about Fusion or Solr is with hands-on training in a lab-based environment. For those who prefer a more customized approach, our classes can also be delivered onsite. Please contact our training team for more details.

Upcoming Courses

Lucidworks Consulting

Lucidworks provides expert consulting for search and discovery technologies focused on architecture and design reviews, training, enablement, performance optimization, and other best practices. The consulting team consists of senior search technologists intimately familiar with Solr technologies, with extensive experience in field-tested search solutions in diverse deployment scenarios.

Early Stage Evaluation

Lucidworks Solution Architect consultants can provide advice and recommendations.

Periodic Assessment

Lucidworks search experts can perform a periodic assessment of your Lucene/Solr-based application.

Diagnostic Services

Lucidworks consulting services can effectively analyze and troubleshoot complex search issues.

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