Solr Development

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Solr Development

This two-day class will allow you to explore the capabilities of Solr while learning the foundations of developing search applications. This course will introduce the fundamentals of search, data ingestion, and how to query Solr and Fusion efficiently. We’ll also explore what goes into a proper Solr schema, and advanced search relevance using advanced techniques such as Graph Queries and Signals.

Course Overview

Day 1

  • Indexing Data with Solr
  • Basic Querying Data with Solr
  • Schema
  • Faceting
  • Advanced Features
  • Streaming / Streaming Expressions
  • Parallel SQL
  • Graph Queries

Day 2

  • How Solr Processes a Query
  • eDismax
  • Request Handlers
  • Parameter substitution
  • Boosting/Biasing
  • Advanced Queries
  • Similarity
  • Filter queries
  • Surround Query Parser
  • Constant Score Query
  • Terms Query Parser
  • Frange Query Parser
  • Specific Query Parsers
  • Spatial Queries
  • Optimizations
  • Deep Paging
  • Cache considerations

Who Should Attend?

Developers new to Solr or who have limited previous experience. Those with a limited or non-existent role in operations.


Knowledge of a computer language like Java, Python, or PHP. Experience developing applications using Solr or a database technology. Familiarity with REST or a similar remote call procedure method and HTTP.


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