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Search-Driven Customer Service

Resolve customer issues quickly with immediate access to relevant answers.

  • Red Hat
  • Verizon
  • John Deere


Precise Results

Support teams can waste time looking for a customer’s profile information or purchase history or other relevant statistics as they troubleshoot a ticket. On the customer side, users can’t self-serve and find the support docs they need, so they have to engage the support team. Fusion combines the power of both programmatic (signal processing) and manually-curated result tuning to ensure the most relevant results are presented to both support staff and customers.


Advanced Analytics

Many customer support organizations have little insight into what customers are searching for in their support docs or how they are getting self-serve help. Some queries might not even return results. Fusion’s reporting engine gives both administrators and business users direct insights into app performance, customer behavior, and how it relates to resolution time.


Powerful Metadata

Incomplete metadata and weak faceting can make users struggle to find the answers to their questions – leading to frustration and lower customer satisfaction. Fusion’s index and query pipelines provide better metadata enrichment and automatic faceting leading to better, more comprehensive results, and quicker time to resolution.

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