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Search-Driven Digital Content

Increase subscriber engagement with personalized results and recommendations.

  • Macmillan
  • Wolters Kluwer
  • Reed Elsevier
  • snl-financial

Macmillan Education needed a search solution to give students and educators a powerful search experience to enhance learning and engagement with their flagship textbooks. The development team took advantage of Fusion’s out-of-the-box features like query pipelines for improving search results, connectors for access all their data sources, indexing stages for enriching the index, and REST APIs for full access to the power of Solr. The new search app gives useful, highly-relevant search results so learners can get the most value out of their textbooks and course materials. Built-in analytics give publishers, editors, developers a real-time view into how assets are being accessed and consumed.


The Latest Technology

Legacy and homebrew content search apps have primitive, limited functionality, no relevancy tuning, and require constant upgrading, licensing and maintenance. Fusion is built on the latest technology stack, enabling you to quickly deploy advanced features across your site including type-ahead, suggestions, recommendations, and more.


Automated Curation

Many admins of older search apps end up with thousands of business rules that require manual administration and updating. Fusion captures user behavior and aggregates those signals to continuously refine content recommendations based on topic, past query, or user preference.


Deep Data Insights

If you can’t see what content’s being accessed you don’t know what’s working and what isn’t. Fusion records and aggregates logs, clicks, and other transactions providing dashboards, reports, and immediate real-time insights. Analytics ensure adherence to SLAs and other vendor or partner requirements and can correlate content access and viewing with marketing campaigns and sales initiatives to measure program effectiveness.

Security Controls

Connect to your existing security and authentication mechanism with the Fusion security framework

Custom Reporting

Create scheduled and ad-hoc reports and alerts based on stakeholder, brand, product, location, end-user and additional roles.

Multiple Language Support

Fusion supports over 32 language packs out of the box and a framework to customize as needed.

Full Semantic Search

Include hierarchical relationships and concepts for comprehensive semantic search capabilities. including conversational search for novice users.


Index over two dozen content sources including XML, JSON, HTML, PDF, databases, intranets, asset repositories, social networks, the public web and the cloud.


Enrich search results based on a user’s past queries, clickstream of similar users, and other behavior.

Auto Suggest

Provide search capabilities for keywords, synonyms, exact phrase match, ‘more like this’, suggested queries, auto-correction, and natural language processing.

Categorical Navigation

Encourage deeper investigation with categorical navigation across titles and libraries.

Index Time Enrichment

Easily find documents with automatic tag, field, and metadata creation.

High Performance

Fusion grows with you and can easily scale to billions of documents across thousands of nodes.

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