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Fusion + Enterprise Search

Enterprise search without the enterprise headache.

All Your Data, All the Time, At Scale

Fusion scales to billions of documents no matter where they’re stored or what file format they’re in, so you can improve decision-making and bolster your competitive edge. Capture documents across all your mail servers, filesystems, databases, intranets, the cloud, and on-prem. Plug directly into live data streams with powerful, extensible APIs.


Security, Compliance, Reporting, & Control

Fusion features a powerful analytics and reporting engine to configure scheduled and ad hoc reports. Quickly identify and escalate issues with customizable dashboard views and notifications based on business unit or job role. Filter, redact, or obfuscate personal information to comply with company and industry regulations. Analyze system status for complete data compliance.

Every document, every database, at the speed of enterprise.

Index Time Enrichment

Enrich search results with relevant signals including clickstream, demographic, shopping, and cart behavior.

Query Modification

Route queries in real-time to map against user intention or enterprise policy.

Secure Access

Gain extended authentication, including support for LDAP, Kebreros, and SSL.

Hadoop Friendly

Access your entire Hadoop cluster’s ad hoc data in real time.

Curated Results

Integrate manual feedback from subject matter experts and automated curation with machine learning and natural language processing.


Integrate with every part of your communications infrastructure — even Bloomberg or Blackberry messaging.

Structured & Unstructured

Support both structured data and unstructured documents.

Scale Easily

Effortlessly scale to millions of documents and users across thousands of nodes.

Landing Pages

Create dedicated landing pages and custom promotions per topic, keyword, or category.

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