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Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo has hundreds of internal sites and file repositories spread across numerous business units, networks, servers, and cloud services – each with their own search functionality. The financial services firm needed a single search platform to provide a unified experience to help employees find the data and documents they needed to perform their jobs. With Lucidworks Fusion, the dev team was able to connect, ingest, and index data from all of the company’s many sites, databases, and data sources and scale the application for a quarter of a million users. Employees now have one entry point to search all of the organization’s information.


Data Is Your Core Asset

Fusion scales to billions of documents and files no matter where they’re stored or what file format they’re in including: financial statements, transaction records, customer support tickets, network logs, emails, PDFs, instant messages, Microsoft Office, Bloomberg Chats and Blackberry Messages. Connectors capture documents across all your servers, filesystems, databases – whether in the cloud, on the network, or on-prem. Broaden queries to include historical transcripts and collections for longitudinal analysis and comprehensive data profiling.


Less Complexity, More Insight

With constant, real-time access to all the data inputs coming into and out of your organization, you also need to see that data in context for the most accurate results. Fusion includes a robust index and query framework that adds metadata at index time and as results are delivered to the end user. Expand and enrich results based on a user’s past behavior and the clickstream of similar targets. Configure fine-grained security controls to grant access to internal or external auditors. Filter, redact, or obfuscate personal information from search results to comply with federal, state, and industry regulations.


Full Compliance, Active Monitoring, Powerful Reporting

Fusion includes a powerful analytics and reporting engine to configure scheduled and ad hoc reports. Create live dashboards of all your data to quickly identify issues or rogue actors for investigation and escalation. Monitor all inbound and outbound communications channels for specific signatures and anomalies with real-time data indexing. Analyze your system logs for complete data compliance, governance, and archiving. Create organization-specific signatures using machine learning and natural language processes to detect fraud alerts and compliance anomalies. Fine-tune detection criteria using intel from analysts and other subject matter experts.

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