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Search-Driven Fraud Surveillance

Detect and investigate fraudulent activity and ensure regulatory compliance, from one unified view.

  • Allstate

After government probes resulted in prosecution and fines for insider trading, a Fortune 100 financial services firm knew that they had to put practices and technology in place to make sure it never happened again. With Lucidworks Fusion, the team built a system that ingests, indexes, and monitors all incoming and outgoing communications – emails, chats, and telephone transcripts – searching for anomalies or patterns that might point to an employee trying to conceal possible collusion or other illegal activity. With powerful algorithms that process these data streams in real-time, analysts can quickly identify potential bad actors, investigate them, and seek swift resolution to keep the organization firmly within legal compliance and out of the purview of regulators.


Process Real-Time Streams at Scale

It’s an always-on, real-time world. If you can’t access the most recent data, every query is incomplete. Fusion connects instantly to to all of your data sources and streams with real-time access at scale. Log ingestion at 100k events per second gives you immediate access to activity as it happens.


Superior UX for Data Exploration

Fusion gives analysts a powerful interface to create and share dashboards, setup alerts and notifications, and rapidly drill down into data to investigate anomalies and events. Fusion enriches your logs with contextual information by joining data from databases, filesystems, email servers, and other disparate sources.


Comprehensive Context

Sometimes the most pertinent information in your logs has cryptic fields and codes (app IDs, user names, etc.). Analysts waste time cross-referencing lookup tables to build a full profile. Fusion automatically enriches your logs with this contextual information by joining data from lookup tables, databases, filesystems, and other sources so analysts can see what means what.

Index Time Enrichment

Enrich search results with relevant signals including clickstream, job role, recommendations, and other factors.

Query Modification

Route queries in real-time to map against user intention, government regulation, or enterprise policy.

Secure Access

Gain extended authentication, including support for LDAP, Kebreros, and SSL.

Hadoop Friendly

Access your entire Hadoop cluster’s ad hoc data in real time.

Splunk Savvy

Join your Solr instance with Splunk for a full 360-degree view of your data.

Custom Dashboards

Create personalized views based on business unit or job role.

Curated Results

Integrate manual feedback from subject matter experts and automated curation with machine learning and natural language processing.


Integrate with every part of your communications infrastructure — even Bloomberg or Blackberry messaging.

Structured & Unstructured

Support both structured data and unstructured documents.

Scale Easily

Effortlessly scale to millions of documents and users across thousands of nodes.

Event Correlation

Analyze past communication patterns to anticipate future events for faster reaction time.

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