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We Wanted to Call it Solr++ But Our Attorney Said No.

Fusion adapts Apache Solr to your requirements, not the other way around - and with less code to maintain.

  • bluestem
  • John Deere
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Allstate

Executive consulting firm Mulsanne Management wanted to create a new product offering called Dashboards that provides executives with a personalized intelligence summary – like a President’s daily briefing. Mulsanne chose to build their product with Apache Solr and used Lucidworks Fusion to quickly develop and deploy a pilot app for users to experience. Features like natural language processing, the data connector framework, and custom index pipelines all helped create a powerful app in record time.


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Faster Time to Market

Developing the basic functionality of your Solr applications can gobble up a lot of your project’s timeline, leaving you with less runway to develop the features specific to your business needs. Fusion comes out of the box with mission-critical features like connectors, enrichment services, relevancy tuners, and a recommendation engine ready to go – all of which can be deployed directly on top of your existing Apache Solr deployment.


Build More Intelligent Applications

Vanilla Solr lacks many of the advanced capabilties that today’s advanced search apps demand. Fusion extends Solr with personalization, recommendations, and data enrichment features for quick and easy development of feature-rich intelligent search applications.


We’re the Solr People

It can be hard to find, recruit, and retain Solr savvy staff. Lucidworks staffs over half of the Apache Solr committers providing a full range of professional services and consulting including enterprise support, deployment planning, health checks and more.

Sacha Clark

Founder / CEO

"Lucidworks Fusion was instrumental in enabling us to design and deliver a powerful application to our customers."

“I Love Building and Maintaining Connectors!”

— No One. Ever.

Fusion comes with dozens of connectors to make it easy to index your data wherever it lives.

  • Amazon S3

    Native Amazon AWS S3 buckets

  • Amazon S3H

    Block Amazon S3 buckets (Hadoop over Amazon)

  • Box cloud based data repository

  • Couchbase

    Use Couchbase's XDCR (Cross Datacenter Replication) to retrieve data stored in Couchbase continuously in real-time

  • Dropbox

    Dropbox cloud based data repository

  • Drupal

    Retrieve data from a Drupal website

  • FTP

    Fetch content from an FTP site

  • Github

    GitHub source repository

  • Google Drive

    Google Drive cloud based data repository

  • HDFS

    Index documents on a Hadoop File System

  • Hybris

  • Javascript

    Allows for custom content retrieval from filesystems and websites

  • JDBC

    Retrieve content from relational databases (Eg: Oracle, MySQL, Postgres) via SQL queries

  • Jira

    Altassian's Issue and Software Tracking system

  • Jive

    Retrieve discussions, polls, documents (blog posts and wiki pages) etc from Jive

  • Local

    Traverse local Unix file directories

  • Logstash

    Logs and event streams from Logstash instances

  • lucid.hadoop.apache1

  • lucid.hadoop.apache2

  • lucid.hadoop.cloudera

  • lucid.hadoop.hortonworks

  • lucid.hadoop.mapr

  • Mongo DB

    Retrieve content from the document oriented NoSQL MongoDB

  • PagerDuty

  • Push

  • Salesforce

    Salesforce repostory content via the Salesforce REST-API

  • Sharepoint

    Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 & 2013

  • Slack

    Retrieve messages, threads etc from the Slack messaging service

  • Solr

    Crawl documents from an external Solr instance or SolrCloud cluster

  • Solr XML

    Index SolrXML formatted content

  • Subversion

    Access Subversion source repositories

  • Twitter

    Search query and stream connectors

  • Web

  • Websphere

  • Windows Share

    Windows Share, Server Message Block (SMB), Common Internet File System (CIFS)

Toni Guckert

Director of Engineering, Dell Email Management & Alertfind Services

"We index over 3 billion email documents with thousands of active users. When we moved from FAST to Solr, we reduced our number of servers by a factor of six. It used to take 3-4 hours to deploy a new node, now it's just five minutes. Solr's ad hoc schema changes gives us the flexibility to rapidly deploy new features to our customers. Lucidworks was crucial in helping our team design, plan, and execute our Solr deployment so our customers saw a minimum amount of downtime and an increased relevance of their search results."

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