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Google Search Appliance is done. Lucidworks Fusion is your faster, cheaper, better replacement.

When Google dropped their search appliance from the market, thousands of companies were left stranded and scrambling to find a replacement. Lucidworks Fusion provides essential functionality with advanced controls for better relevancy and signal processing for a richer search experience - all at a more affordable price point.

  • Red Hat
  • Statistics Canada
  • Wells Fargo
  • snl-financial

Enterprise software giant Red Hat had outgrown Google Search Appliance as the search function for their customer portal and the user experience was middling. The team moved to Lucidworks Fusion, reducing their hardware footprint to just a four-node cluster that indexes over 13 million documents, serves thousands of internal users, and over a million web visitors per month. Average click-through rate on the portal increased from 24% to 58% and licensing costs were reduced by 91%.


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Lower TCO and Higher Performance

Licensing for Google Search Appliance was priced by the number of documents in your collections. Let’s face it: You don’t want to make that mistake again.

Fusion is priced to scale to billions of documents while containing costs, reducing your overall hardware footprint, and conserving headcount.


Transparent Relevancy for Better Results

Google Search Appliance was a black box (well, actually a yellow box). You had to trust that Google’s one-size-fits-all algorithms were good enough for your company’s unique mix of data and documents.

Fusion puts relevancy in the control of the application owner with a rich UI for the tuning of results and business rules.


Signal Processing for a Superior Experience

GSA does not learn from user behavior and integrate these and other signals into search results. Every user sees the same results regardless of who they are and what they’ve searched and clicked on in the past.

Fusion’s signal processing continually improves relevancy by integrating feedback from user behavior, subject matter experts, and other sources.

Security, Compliance, Reporting, & Control

Fusion features a powerful analytics and reporting engine to configure scheduled and ad hoc reports. Quickly identify and escalate issues with customizable dashboard views and notifications based on business unit or job role. Filter, redact, or obfuscate personal information to comply with company and industry regulations. Analyze system status for complete data compliance.

GSA Migration Plan and Pricing

Lucidworks Fusion is your drop-in replacement for Google Search Appliance. Get started immediately deploying a superior search experience across your organization.

4 Production Nodes
Index Size
Up to 5 million documents*
Query volume
20 q/sec
Data sources (MS Office, Google Drive, SharePoint, web, etc.)
Up to 3
Production Setup and Operational Training
Migration Services
Including turnkey Fusion cluster setup, data review and analysis, indexing and configuration, query design and relevancy, security integration, and UI customization.
Move to Fusion and save over 60% with more capabilities and no document limit.

*Have more data sources? more documents to index? Not sure which package is right for you? Contact us today to talk to a GSA Migration Specialist to learn more at 415-329-6515.

7 Reasons to Switch to Lucidworks Fusion

Google Search Appliance was a nice temporary solution for your enterprise search needs. But your requirements and the expectations of your users have grown exponentially. Fusion has everything your team needs to create next-generation search apps that serve every user in every department at every level of your organization.

1. Fusion gives you full transparency.

Google Search Appliance is a black box (well, actually a yellow box). You’ll never know why a certain set of results was returned for a certain query. You have to trust that Google’s one-size-fits-all algorithms are good enough for your company. Fusion gives you a full view into how every factor of relevancy is calculated and the interface to fine-tune it to your organization’s specific needs.

2. Fusion runs anywhere and everywhere.

Google Search Appliance has to run inside your firewall. Lucidworks Fusion runs on a variety of network stack configurations: distributed, on-premise, and in the cloud.

3. Fusion is Solr-powered.

Organizations of all sizes rely on open source, open core Apache Solr every day. With thousands of production instances indexing billions of documents and millions of searches, no other search technology is more battle-tested and production-ready. Fusion extends this power to your team for building next-generation search applications.

4. Fusion has a lower cost of ownership.

Google Search Appliance is priced by the number of documents in your collections. Let’s face it: you’re never going to have fewer documents to index. Lucidworks Fusion is priced per node so you can scale to millions, even billions of documents while containing costs and reducing your hardware footprint.

5. Fusion is our core product.

Google Search Appliance is pretty far down on the list of priorities over at Google, the largest advertising company in the world. At Lucidworks, Fusion is our primary focus with several releases and updates to our core product every year.

6. Fusion is fully supported.

With Google Search Appliance, you’re always on the hook for hiring more consultants each time you need help. Lucidworks has a complete team of experts on hand to assist you as you deploy your search app, all backed by an enterprise-grade SLA.

7. Fusion is open core.

With Google Search Appliance, it’s all or nothing. Your search app is locked inside the Google walled garden. Fusion is built on the power of open source, open core Apache Solr so your data, collections, and index are always stored in Solr. There’s no vendor lock-in. Your data is yours.

Andrew Hecox

Manager, Software Engineering

"Our recommendation engine was originally built on Lucene. Lucidworks Fusion provided the UI, security, and support we needed to make the move to Solr while minimizing our dependency on IT resources. With our initial success using Solr and Lucidworks, we're moving all of our search applications to Fusion."

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