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IBM WebSphere Commerce

Drive conversions with a personalized shopping and search experience built with the Lucidworks Fusion Connector for IBM WebSphere Commerce Platform.

Lucidworks Fusion has everything you need to launch and scale a responsive, relevant, custom search experience to every customer.

Increased Conversions

Curate landing pages by subject matter experts. Boost preferred products in results. Deliver instant discounts, flash sales, and upsells. A/B test inside the user interface. Optimize SEM by routing to relevant product, brand, or category.

Precision Marketing

Use indexing and query signal capture to enable sophisticated, highly targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns. Segment campaigns by clickstream, age, gender, past purchases, and more. Recommend cross-sells based on user history. Sync results with product launches, marketing calendars, regional promotions, etc. Integrate supply chain schedules, current inventory, and in-store availability.


Enrich search results with relevant signals including clickstream, demographic, shopping, and cart behavior.

Auto Suggest

Focus searches based on personal search history, recent patterns, or specific promotions with full “type ahead” capability.

Curated Experience

Integrate manual subject matter expert curation with automated machine learning and natural language processing categorization.

Categorical Navigation

Empower customers to quickly pinpoint products across the entire virtual storefront with guided navigation.

Outside Signals

Fortify shopping search results with outside data, such as news and social media trends.

Keyword Search

Provide search capabilities for keywords, exact phrase match, suggested queries, auto-correction, and natural language processing using Fusion’s advanced APIs.


Integrate with your existing e-commerce infrastructure, such as IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite, Hybris, Magento, and more.

Structured Documentation

Support both structured data and unstructured documents.


Deliver focused search results based on geography and other location markers.

High Performance

Fusion grows with you and can easily scale to billions of documents across thousands of nodes.

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